PK & I

Of course, as an illustrator, I couldn't help illustrating my own little ones. I have always had animals around me. Since I can remember, I grew up with cats and dogs. 

I had my own first dog when I was 12, and brought him from The Canary Islands to Canada when I moved here. Many years later, I've had other pets, adopting PK 11 years ago, being my only companion left now. 

I will be adding my other pets with time, as they deserve a spot on this wall. 

Mr. Ed

Mr. Ed (aka Enanita, Petedi, Ed, Eddie) was my sweet little Mini-Pinscher. She was the joy of my life. I'd take her everywhere with me. She traveled with me, we went hiking together, she'd sleep in bed cuddle in my arm... well, you get the picture. We were inseparable. When she passed on eight years ago due to bladder cancer, I was devastated. 

She taught me so much about myself, helped me be more patient, kind, and understanding. I miss her every day, but I am lucky enough that she visits me in my dreams every so often. 


An illustration makes for a great gift or a unique wall-art. The colors can always be adjusted to match with either the pet's personality, or the decor in the home. Having that beautiful reminder of a creature that was such a big part of our lives is always heartwarming. 


This girl has been my solace and the reason I've kept my sanity during the last couple of years with everything going on around us. I can't fathom my life without her, and I can never show her enough gratitude for being there, for being such a sweet, kind, fun, and loving soul. 


Life is indeed so much better with them by our side. Keeping us company, giving us love and kindness when we need it. They sense when we are sad, sick, or happy. 

Animals are pure love!


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