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A few pointers to consider when picking your logo


Working on logos is one of the most fun things I know (along with pet portraits and illustrations, of course). However, on another level, the beauty of logo design is like solving a puzzle. A good logo… no, let me restate that, a GREAT logo is easily identifiable across cultures, borders, backgrounds, and countries. 

One has only to look at the Goddess of Victory, Nike, and that legendary swoosh (the wing of the goddess) to know exactly what brand it represents, everyone knows what brand the apple with a bite on it belongs to, or the golden arcs that form an M. Coca Cola's scripted type with the red and white is easily recognizable from a mile away, or the playful colors and font we encounter each time we go online to do a search. Whether you love or hate the brand, you know the logo is recognizable and can easily identify the company it belongs to. That’s a successful logo! A symbol that identifies without mistake the brand it is linked to. 

It’s true that it not always represents what it sells (after all, what does an apple have to do with computers and technology?, for instance). But it is important that it stands out from the competitors. For instance, if you have a business in Canada or the US, you probably want to stay away from adding a maple leaf or a bald eagle (respectively) as that is overly used by businesses in those countries. You also don’t want something too convoluted: too many colors, too much going on, the wrong font, or a symbol that’s too abstract to understand. You want to make sure that when your ideal client sees it, they get it. 

When to use an animal in your logo:

If you want to add an animal to your logo, but your business is not animal-related, there are many ways to go about it. As I said earlier, the symbol doesn’t necessarily have to exactly describe what your business does.

  • Animals are great as symbols. For example, the lion is a great symbol of power and bravado. The sky is the limit here, as animals can symbolize anything good you identify your business with
  • Your business is indirectly related to animals: for example, somebody who sells honey might want to use a bee in their branding
  • You love animals and your heart-centered business is inspired by the natural and animal life all around us

“Why would I work with you?” You may ask. Well, I could give you the whole spiel about how creative I am, or about all my experience… blah, blah, blah… but I won’t. 

I’m here, out here with my skills, because I do have the experience and the creativity to do it. That’s a given, not a reason. There are many experienced and talented logo/identity designers out there. 

You are here because you love animals, you love nature, and you want to connect your brand to that. You want to show up to the world as you truly are and what you believe in. I am here to help you with that. 

Maybe you have worked with other designers and things didn’t go so well, and that just happens. Sometimes it takes a few attempts until we find the right fit. It happens to all of us. That’s how we build our experiences and we grow more attuned to what our business needs are. 

You will wanna work with me because I will help you identify what it is that your business needs in terms of how it’s perceived by its logo. We will get past the subjective preferences and go directly to what your ideal client is looking for. Sometimes it might be exactly what you would identify with, but sometimes it might not. I will help you sort through it so, together, we can achieve the right image for your identity. 

You might like the color blue. In that case, I will ask you: why? What’s blue to you? How do you think your ideal client will feel about blue? Is blue your favorite color? Is blue really the right color for your brand? You might not know that blue is a cold color, and your business is actually trying to portray warmth and approachability. Blue is a corporate color, but blue is also a color of peace and meditation. Blue has different meanings around the world, so where does your ideal client live? Because it is considered a masculine color in most of the world, but it’s a color for little girls in China. It’s the color of mourning in Iran, but in Western bridal tradition, it means love. Blue is rarely found in nature (besides blueberries, there aren’t many foods that are actually blue!), so blue actually has a physiological effect on us by suppressing hunger.

We will go on a journey of discovery together until we get to the happy point of the perfect symbol for your brand, whether that’s a wordmark, a symbol, a monogram, or a combination mark. We will discuss all of that when we work together. 

You want to work with me because I want to help your business grow by becoming more identifiable and speaking exactly to the people you want to attract. I will listen to you and make sure we keep a healthy channel of communication open. You also know you want to work with me because, just like you, I love all wild beings and creatures of the world, and you want to work with someone who gets that. 

Therefore, I invite you to click on the button below to book your first free consultation appointment so we can go over your needs. Discuss where you are at now and see where you want to go. 

I can’t wait to learn more about you and your business!

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