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In this space, you will find all the new products and collabs I currently have going on in my store. I'm very excited that you are here, and I hope you like my products. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at nat@ormigacreative.com


In October I started a collaboration with the Johannesburg Wildlife Vet in order to sell some products with animals that they themselves had looked after, or are looking after (as is the case of the jackal pups). If you like any of these items, you'd be excited to know that for every purchase, a 50% of the profits will be donated to the Johannesburg Wildlife Vet, which means two things: 

  1. You'll get a very unique product that I illustrated with a lot of love :-)
  2. You will be helping the Johannesburg Wildlife Vet keep their doors open, as they rely exclusively on donations to help all these wild animals. 

Love is in the air... or getting there... Actually, let's be honest, LOVE is ALWAYS in the air, what would the world be without it otherwise? Which is why I've designed a few Valentine's cards (and a few other items) so you can give them to that special someone in your life (or maybe for that special someone you want to have in your life *wink, wink*). And, if you don't celebrate Valentine's, who cares? You can still give them a special card made with lots of LOVE. 

Message inside:
I love being on this journey with you

Message inside:
You make me feel safe.
When I’m close to you,
life makes more sense.


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