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Pet portraits to commemorate your lifelong companion


Do you remember the first time you met your furry love? You know the moment I mean. Maybe it was a picture, a connection at the shelter, or a chance encounter. At that moment, you knew! The way they wagged their tail, meowed that cute little sound, or performed that little habit unique to them that captured your heart. Perhaps it was the way they looked at you, and you just couldn’t resist those eyes that were screaming for you to take them home. 

Pet portraits are great as:

  • A gift to a friend who just got a new pet to help them celebrate their welcome home
  • To commemorate a pet that has crossed over to the other side — so you can still have them by your side every day
  • To freeze your favorite memory of your loved pet
  • To celebrate your love for your pet or help celebrate the love a loved one has for theirs
  • Magic objects: they'll get you to smile and feel good every time you look at them
  • Showing your pet you really, really care (oh, yes, they can tell!)

As someone who’s always had a pet, I know caring for them adds up. But at the end of the day, I’m only happy to have spent that money on them. 

I’ve had my share of scares with the animals in my life, most that ended well… but others, well, you know how it is. Life is fleeting and we can’t grab on to it no matter how much we’d love to. So I learn to take in each moment, and inhale it so it goes deep within my being so I can keep it in there forever. 

Every moment, every little thing I do for them. Every dollar I spend on them is a token of love. The moment I took them into my home, they became my responsibility and a source of great joy. 

An illustration of a pet —or rather, our furry family member— celebrates that. It’s a gift for yourself (or someone you love who you know will cherish it) and a token of your love for them. A reminder that no amount of money is too great to spend on them. It’s something that lasts forever. Something that, when you look at it, it’ll make you smile. Because you’ll remember how they used to (or still do) sleep all splattered on the bed, or how their quirks always cheer you up even when you are down. You’ll remember the tail wagging (if it’s a dog), the annoyed brushing back and forth of the tail (if it’s a cat), or them rubbing against your leg as you walk in through the door. You’ll remember their need to sleep near you while you work, or how they lay on you while you sleep. You’ll think of all the times they lick(ed) your face when you are/were sad, or just cuddl(ed) up closer to you when you need(ed) it. And you’ll smile because you made another lifelong investment in something that will bring you so much joy.


Think about it. We take tons of pictures… hundreds, thousands since the dawn of digital photography. Unafraid of getting the wrong shot because we can take another one, and another one… and another one after that. 
Some pictures mean nothing, so we discard them. Others, however, are a fountain of joy, of immeasurable happiness. They are the place we go back to when we need a pick-me-up, when we feel nostalgic, or when we are starting to forget the features of a loved one long gone. 
So we shoot and shoot. Feeling a high every time we hear the click —whether analog or digital— of that familiar sound that is the birth of a new memory frozen in time forever. 

An illustration is the same, but 100 times stronger. Because an illustration is that special picture, that favorite moment, that speck in time that brings the most joy to our hearts. We pick a specific image for a new representation of that instant that, much as we wished, we can’t get back to, and the only way we can return to it, is by looking at that photograph… or better yet, illustration.  
My pet illustrations are a work of love, of understanding the connection between human and pet. It’s the attempt of portraying the bond between two friends who expect nothing from each other, but who, nonetheless, receive more than they could ever imagine. 
Because, after all, that moment —and you know what moment I mean— is the secret that only you and your furry friend share.

When I start on a pet illustration, the first thing I ask is for a high-resolution picture of the creature. Why high rez? Because I can see the details better. I especially like to focus on the eyes and capture the essence of the animal. I believe that, just like humans, animals express a lot through their eyes. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but also, perhaps, it’s all my years of being around animals.  

I have learned a lot from them, from appreciating the moment, to loving unconditionally. Animals respond to their environment and follow their instincts. It’s always fascinating to watch animals do their thing. They don’t overthink anything. They just live. Now, that’s a lesson for us humans! 

But I’m digressing. What I want to say is that, when I illustrate your pet, I like to get the essence of the animal in question. When we chat, I want to get a sense of what the pet you want the illustration of means to you or to the person the illustration is meant for. It helps me to understand the connection and the meaning they had in the life of who is receiving the portrait. 
Enough talk for now. Are you ready to introduce me to your pet? Then click the button below!

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