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Now that you’ve found me, I’ll tell you how I can help you. You are looking to add an illustration to your next project, campaign, or just to grow your library of assets. 

I can help you bring your vision to life, with illustrations that fly off the page with their uniqueness and colors. 

You have probably noticed that my style ranges from playful illustrations to more graphic ones with intricate details and a lot of colors, so we can start from there. 

I’d like to hear about what you want to convey, what animal you are looking to capture and bring attention to. Perhaps it has to do with Shark Week in the summer, or World Ocean Day in late spring. 

You are possibly working on a campaign to bring awareness to the hunting and needless killings of wolves or bears. 

Whatever your objective is, let’s talk and find out if we are a fit to make your message stand out in a sea of noise and clutter.

You are here because, just like you, I love animals. My goal is to narrow the gap between humans and animals through illustrations, branding, and, well, art, so that we can find a way to coexist on this amazing planet that we call home. 

I believe you’d like to work with me because I love keeping a healthy channel of communication with my clients. I like answering any questions or concerns that might come up, or addressing any comments that need clarification. I like sharing the progress, so my clients don’t feel like they are in the dark and have no say in the outcome. I love bouncing off ideas and making my clients part of the process of bringing their vision to life.

I know choosing an artist/designer can be somewhat scary or intimidating if you don’t know them from Adam. But here are a few things I’d like you to consider before hitting the button at the end of this introduction:

  • Do you like the work I have done in the past? Does it speak to you? 
  • Do you want to work with someone who understands your passion for animals or what you do? 
  • Are you open to building a relationship based on good communication and trust? 
  • Do you feel that our values align? 

If the answer to those questions is yes, then I think you are ready to, at least, have a talk and discuss what project you have in mind. 

I just can’t wait to hear more about it! Click on the button below and let’s chat! 

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